Change Text order confirmation and configure SMTP


Avatar: Berkemeier

2016-07-03 23:36


First i want to say quick cart is really nice script. I like it very much. :)

Anyway, i have two big problems i don´t find solution for. :(

1. After a order is sent, the follow text is shown:

"Order was savef and sent.

Thank you

We will contact with you to confirm your order."

I want to change this text. I have tried to change the text at en_pages.php from /database/, but then the script show me an error. after changing back to the original text everything works fine. i have seen i can change single letters in the original text, then it works, but if i change the whole text i get an error when i reload the script.
so, how can i change this text?


I have hard problems with the mail function. the mail-function dont work. i tried a lot of hours almost everything with sendmail or postfix.. no success.
so i decided to use the mail funktion with external smtp. but i have also no susccess.
i have read there is a plugin for smtp using?
but i cant find it.
so, my questions: where can i find that plugin for using smtp or where can i find a tutorial to make mail() working?

thank you very much.

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