Cannot access admin panel


Avatar: jamezx

2016-05-06 16:09

I cannot remember what I changed last time, but today I found that I cannot access my admin panel.
when I try to access http://mysite/admin.php it opens the site (as index.php), not the admin panel.
I try to install fresh copy in other folder and compared both admin.php files, ther are identical.
please, give me some advice how to fix the problem!

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Avatar: DEo

2016-10-31 11:39

Same issue here. The server responds with 302 Moved Temporarily from IPs different than the IP of my first access.
This means I can access the admin panel from one location only.

database/config/general.php has $config['allowed_ip_admin_panel'] commented out.

* Contains IP address from which logging in to admin panel is allowed
* Uncomment line below and type your IP address
//$config['allowed_ip_admin_panel'] = 'TYPE-YOUR-IP-HERE';


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