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2005-09-30 11:09

Hi everyone there i have new site show,
Can you comment our website



Avatar: nam

2005-09-30 18:42

takes a very... very... long time to load... and I have broadband...
are your images too large in dimension or too high a resolution?

The top image took more than 2 minutes to load... then when I clicked on 'link' it was an empty page so I clicked on the 'back' button (on top browser menu) and it again started loading...

2 minutes later...

there is no try - there is only do or do not...


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2005-09-30 21:52

Looks nice... But with a loading time for the first page at about 50 seconds with my 10Mbit broadand I would say you loose your potential customers about 40 seconds before the first page is loaded.


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2005-09-30 23:37

looks nice but please get a got host !

Dutch Quick Cart Support


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2005-10-01 14:27

Hi Mookie
Site is nice product are good but but your site need to long to load and if i will be coustomer i would leave(i mean i won't wait)

Please try to decreas loading time.


Extreme Ninja

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2005-12-01 01:58

Takes too long to load. Check out Image files and good mark-up are important.


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