QuickCart Ext 3.1 to 6.3 UPDATE


Avatar: info@frinu-media.de

2015-10-20 13:12

i have a question. Do you offer the service to export all customer+ product +page +order datas from 3.1 and import it to our last bought version 6.3?
Because last time i tried, it only import the headings of the products, but not the attributes, not the pictures, etc.

Please tell me, if it is possible. We finally need a 1:1 copy of our onlineshop, only with the new version.
There are ca. 720 Products with attributs, 200-300 pages, 1500 orders and 1200 customer datas which has to be import and updated.
Please tell me how much would it be.

We strongly need also an responsive design, so please try to offer us also the service of importing all the datas to the newest version of quick cart 6.6

thank you very much!

» Quick.Cart v3.x



Avatar: openzibi

2015-10-20 13:35

Yes, it is almost always possible. Please contact with OpenSolution partners http://opensolution.org/opensolution-partners.html


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