Update to 6.1


Avatar: ohaldi

2015-10-06 19:38

I have to say I tried many thing to update to the last version.
Also with the help of convert_v4x.... etc. nothing work!
The useful tips file ist not goog enough!
OK I got the following message after all this work:
Operation ended successfully!

Operation ended successfully!
Follow next steps:
1.Delete file "convert_v4.x_or_v5.x_to_v6.x.php" from your server
2.Perform the last step from the "read-me.txt" file. Do not delete this file too quickly, because there is a lot of important informations related to the transfer of data to a newer version.
Remember! Front-end will not work properly if you will not log in to admin panel first.

But now when I try to run my test web after Update I get the followin error message:
Turn ON allow_url_fopen in PHP configuration (php.ini)
php.ini is by my Hoster not accessible!

I'm also using another CMS but never have hat that much of problems to update something.
Best regards

» Quick.Cms v6.x


Avatar: openzibi

2015-10-06 22:42

Quick.Cms.Ext v6.1: requirements and installation:
http://opensolution.org/docs/?p=en-install >> allow_url_fopen option enabled - receiving communications, our messages, installing plugins and bug fixes

"php.ini is by my Hoster not accessible" >> You must to contact with your "server admin"

Check your server.
At the moment I am doing data transfer Quick.Cms.Ext version v1.1 (one dot one!) to v6.1 Quick.Cms.Ext+


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