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Moxie Man

Avatar: Moxie Man

2015-07-24 02:55

I am evaluating Quick.Cart, I have downloaded it and installed it and it looks pretty close to what I need, however, I sell T-Shirts and need to offer up to 10 different size options. The larger sizes would have different prices as well. I do not see where this is supported in Quick.Cart. I searched the forums, I see where some mods have produced some options, but I do not see what I need. My PHP Skills are rudimentary at best. My HTML skills are quite good. While I can understand PHP enough to make minor modifications (color, layout, exchange graphics, backgrounds, frame sizes etc.) I need a plug in solution. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

» Quick.Cart v6.x


Avatar: deha

2015-07-27 07:27

There is productsAttributesExt plugin for Quick.Cart.Ext version


Moxie Man

Avatar: Moxie Man

2015-07-27 18:23

Thank you, I did see that, I am just not sure if the full version is worth the money to me. My needs are very basic, (No credit card collection, all customers are direct bill net 30, only about 50 customer and 25 products, I just have to find a way to have different size products for different prices, and there are other shopping carts that will do that. Thanks though. Too bad, because I like the way this cart works.

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