Translating the WYSIWYG Editor


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2005-09-21 08:16

the wysiwg editor is in polish. I translated it to portuguese (my language) except por the insert link popup. Can anybody help me with that?
You know polish is greek for me! :)


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2005-09-21 09:38

You will have to look into the htmleditor/popups/insert_link.html and maybe insert_color.html to get them all right.


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2005-09-23 05:29

Yeah, I know. The problem is not what file, but what do all thoes words in polish mean?

Thanks anyway

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wewior (OpenSolution)

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2005-09-23 08:04

my english is not so good but i'll try
Hiperłącze -> Hiperlink
Informacje o hiperłączu -> About hiperlink
Typ -> Type
Otwórz -> Open
Domyślne -> Default
Na tej samej stronie -> In the same window
W nowym oknie -> In new window
Link -> Link
Anuluj -> Cancel

i hope that i didn't forget about something


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2005-09-25 10:30

Thank you soooo much, wewior!!

I wish I knew some polish to tell you thanks in your native language.

An alien in disguise

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2005-09-25 14:15

folsosilva - "thank you" in polish means "dziękuje"

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