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2005-09-18 06:18

i was wondering what would be the best way to customize the entire look of the cart,

do i edit all the files from " /template/default/ "

also I want to introduce a dhtml pop down menu on the top
where it can be divided in to categories >> sub-category >> products

would you think it would be easy to implement this from the template code ?

help please


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2005-09-18 09:58

i just have a few templates

This is the one with the dhtml menu ...

could you please let me know which files to edit ...

for example:
head.tpl -- header
foot.tpl -- footer

products_list.tpl -- currently main page, products displaied in rows ??
products_show.tpl -- details on a specific product ??

columns_one.tpl -- ??
columns_two.tpl -- ??

content_list.tpl -- ??
content_list_sub.tpl -- ??

categories_menu.tpl -- ??
categories_show.tpl -- ??



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2005-09-20 05:03

could someone just tell me what each file is for, so I can customize it myself

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