Using old date for new(er) versions?


Avatar: Nicky

2015-02-04 12:07

We have a very old installation -> 1.4, but we have about 850 products in that shop. Now of course we need to upgrade urgently to the latest QC version, but of course the work involved to add all products again is huge. Is there any way we can use the old information to add categories & products into the new version?
Thanks in advance for your time.

» Quick.Cart v2.x


Avatar: openzibi

2015-02-04 17:35

You have 3 options:

1. Add all products again manually
2. Use the services of partners

Transfer data from version 1.x to 6.x is possible. (if there are no major errors in the database).
You must perform 4 conversion data from version to version.

Converted data need to be prepared before and after conversion:
- repair errors in the database files
- dimensions and position of the thumbnails
- new size of foto
- new types of menus
- adjustment of the position of pages and subpages
- adaptation of the old project to the requirements of the new version or a new store design
- ...

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