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2005-09-13 12:32

Hello guys,
First of all I would like to say that quickcart is a very nice script
and I would like to thank the people who made it.

Ok here comes my question :)

Im doing a project for cheap inkt cartridges and have the following
problem/question. I got the shop organised as following,

<BRAND> Main cat
<PRINTER> Sub cat

This is because people often have problems finding the type of
cartridge they need. The only problem is that there are a lot
of printer types so the list is too big for the left menu.

To solve this there are 2 ways I think, to make another sub cat
like this,

<BRAND> Main cat
<Printer serie> Sub 1 cat
<PRINTER> Sub cat

But I saw someone else already asked this and it wasnt possible
without lots and lots of work. Or my second idea is to make another
"product" button with its own files, than rename it. This would result
in the following sequence

<topmenu> HP | Canon | Epson | Lexmark | About | Cart | Contact
<Printer serie> Main Cat
<Printer type >Sub cat
<Cartridge type>Product

What would you recommand and do you have any tips on how to
do this?


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2005-09-13 17:34

Another question... I would like to use tables in the content page
but the script seems to make brakes before the text. This way
the layout gets ***** :) when I remove the brakes the links
go wrong. does anyone know what the problem between Quick cart and tables is?


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2005-09-14 10:16

Ok one more question could one product be added to several categories without having to make it twice??

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