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2005-09-11 12:48

I installed Quick.Cart_v0.3.1 and it works great!
I also installet the plugin taxAndDiscount_v1.1 and it works fine too.

Is it possible to manage the folliowing scenario with taxAndDiscount plugin?
The rule is: more than 10 items --> 5% discount.

Suppose that the customer buys the following items:
15 x item1: 525$ (discount 5%)
2 x item2: 130$ (no discount)
1 x item3: 115$ (nodiscount)

QC does this:
sum: 525 + 130 +115 = 770
Discount: -770*5% = -38.5
Total: 731.50

I would like to do this:

Sum = 525-(525*5%) + 130 + 115 = 498.75 + 130 +115 = 743.75$

How do I modify QC to do that?



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2005-09-12 11:20

Unfortunately what you want is product-based discounts (as do a number of other people!) and the taxAndDiscounts plugin is basket-based.
product-based discounts require a whole lot more development. You either have to modify the products file, or add a brand new file for the product discounts; you've got to modify the existing product maintenance functionality to handle discounts (fixed, %age, based on value, based on number of items?); you've got to decide where your discounts are going to be displayed throughout your cart, and modify the price display code accordingly; you've got to ensure that the javascript calculation routines on the delivery page are provided with the appropriate prices (discounted or not) and that you have sufficient post-delivery-page checking in place to prevent tampering; you've got to ensure that the correct (discounted prices) are stored against the order for future reference.
All in all its not a simpe task!


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2005-09-12 13:01

Do you have the ambition to do a plugin that solves this problem?

Because QC is really great and I don't want to use another webshop.

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