error when I changed order status in admin screen


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2005-09-06 22:44

If I change the status of the order fom pending into canceled, finished or whatever, I get an error line above in the screen saying:

Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in /home/sheep/public_html/store/core/orders-ff.php on line 217

Line 215 - 219 in the orders-ff.php file are:

215 for( $i = 1; $i < $iCount; $i++ ){
216 $aExp = explode( '$', $aFile[$i] );
217 if( $aExp[2] > 0 ){
218 $iFindPage++;
219 $iFindAll++;

The only thing I can think of what is causing this problem is that I added COUNTRY to the ordering form and deleted COMPANY and TELEPHONE NO. and did something wrong or forgot to delete something. I followed the lines explained in topic:

... someone knows the solution?
Thanks in advance


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2005-09-11 11:23

backup put back and problem solved. however, got now the fields COMPANY and TELEPHONE NO back in orderdetails screen. Can someone list all files which need to be adjusted?

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