Avatar: aloni

2014-07-15 19:22

I want to use the old version of fckeditor Instead of ckeditor or tynymce in the new script (Quick.Cms_v5.4.zip).
is it possible to change it?

» Quick.Cms v5.x

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2014-07-16 18:51

What fckeditor have that ckeditor dont? Remember that old fckeditor is very buggy and with filemanager is easy to hack.


Avatar: openzibi

2014-07-16 19:40

Check the statistics if you do not have such links. Don't use filemanger from FCKeditor


StudioStrona - rhh.pl


Avatar: aloni

2014-07-17 15:09

Thanks treewood ,openzibi for the quick reply ..
I have few clients who use the old version of FCKEDITOR and very satisfied from using it.
is possible to install FCKEDITOR in the new version?(Quick.Cms_v5.4)
Thank in advance for the answer ..


Avatar: vankhieu

2014-09-13 00:37

Dear all,
I have a question on CKEditor,
Previous, I'm using a default editor, and implement mathematics formular by MathJax, it is OK. But when I change to CKEditor, I cannot type Latex for mathematics formular. EX:
$$ a \times b = c^2$$ or $$ a \\times b = c^2$$ , after click save, it become: $$ a times b = c^2$$ => so MathJax cannot detect the formular.
Who can help me fixed this? or can I install a latest CKEditor that I download from the CKEditor webpages?
Thank in advance for all your help.


Avatar: vankhieu

2014-09-13 21:30

I have the solution on this, we can change to source tab and modified \ by \ then save. But it is still not a good solution I hope. I'm waiting the help from all you.


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