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2005-08-31 13:58

I had a simple idea to make order tracking by the customer possible, but don't know how to realize it, since i'm not a real programmer, i'm a snippets-paster... =)

Create a form where a customer can insert his:
last name
order number

and get a page with a summary of the order and the realtime status.

this method is simple because doesn't need customer login and doesn't need further fields.
it is safe about privacy because no one can guess name+surname+number without being who actually made the order.
it is even safer because client cannot modify his order but just take a look.

is anyone able to realize it?

thank you very much!


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2005-09-06 15:25

ehm... anyone?


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2006-08-29 03:24

I have a suggestion which may be simpler and easier to implement (hopefully) -

a hidden category page which displays just the order ID no.'s and the order status. This way customers can look up their order ID no. among a list of numbers and see the status as it has been set in the admin orders panel.

I have seen this on other websites and it seems like a simpler way to give a customer an order tracking facility without having to use login details and membership etc.

I might try to make this myself sometime but I'm still learning.


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2006-09-19 12:38

So far this has been far too difficult for me to produce.

I understand the structure of the .tpl files, and the code to show the order status etc. but I have no idea how I link from Quick.Cart to the tpl.

I think for now I may just buy the Order Status plugin which emails the customer as soon as you change the order status in the admin panel - http://opensolution.org/sklep/?p=productsMore&iProduct=49

OR the customer login plugin where they can view old orders/order status - http://opensolution.org/sklep/?p=productsMore&iProduct=16

If anyone can figure out how to make a simple order status page as mentioned above and would like to share - let me know!

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