looking for quick hack in url-generation


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2005-08-30 18:45

hi folks,
first of all: extremely cool cart!!!! keep up that brilliant work!!!!
and please allow me one question:
the shop produces URsL like:
i'd like to include the shop in a cms which provides a function that can call external URLs. the problem now is that it always just adds the above url and it's "working path" is in a different folder e.g. http://domain.com/cms/?p=productsMore&iProduct=2 .. so the links get broken (relatively adressed)..
where can i add a short hack in quick.cart to produce (full) URL in the form http://domain.com/shop/?p=productsMore&iProduct=2 (means: also output the domain-part of the url, in my case: http://domain.com/shop/) ?
thanks for your help in advance!


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2005-08-31 22:47

hi again,
can anyone probably help in this case?



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2005-09-04 23:12

this does not work

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