QC should have a CSS based layout


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2005-08-21 11:06

Today Quick Cart uses a lot of tables for layout and positioning.
Instead CSS could be used to do all this. This would let users to easy customize the layout much more than is possible today.

A very nice proof of concept of what can be acomplished with CSS can be at "css Zen Garden". Just select another design in the menu. The only thing that is changed when you choose another design is the CSS file.

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2005-08-21 15:14

it does but its admin based....doesn't it?
comes with default .css and u can create your own and load it?
well that's what I thought it was all about anyway


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2005-08-21 15:55

You can create your own templates for the cart, be it in CSS or tables or in a good old fashioned style which just goes down the page!

Just start with the default one and edit it, by doing whatever it is you need to do.


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2005-08-21 22:35

Next version of qc will have xhtml/css layout in user and admin interface. If you don't want to wait for this you can do it by yourself editing .tpl files i templates/default folder

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