What do you think about order form?


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2005-08-16 12:40


I want to ask you about one thing.

What do you think about order form? Is it good that all options are on one page? Or maybe it's better when address form, paid method select and shipping select has its own sites, and order is placing in fiew steps?

Or maybe both method are good, but it different for different types of shop clients?

In close future we'll give you new version of Quick.Cart and we want you to help us in few things, by giving us advices and answering our questions. If you have any suggestions please write it on this forum.



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2005-08-16 18:44

I definitely love the way Quick Cart checkout works today. Can it be more easy for the customer(?)


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2005-08-16 21:40

I think two methods are OK, may be you can add it both to Quick Cart and let us choose fron the control panel which one will be used by tha system ;)

what do you say?



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2005-08-17 11:34

I think it is great how it works now.

When you have one payment option and one shipping option, then it is useless to have multiple pages for it. And most of the shops has 2 of 3 diffrent options. Not worth it I think.


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