Add Product to cart from the product list page?

Just A Newbie

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2005-08-16 02:46

I was wondering if it would be possible to add a quantity box on the main listing page and that took you to the basket instead of it showing the info

It's for returning customers that don't really need to go and look at the product information everytime?

Where would one make those type of changes?

Just A Newbie

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2005-08-16 02:48

oh and if possible....multiple "in the cart" at one time

ie...change quantities and have an "add to cart" at the bottom of the page....

yeah I know I am expecting a

but if someone could just point me in the direction of where to start looking I could probably work it out for myself.

Just A Newbie

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2005-08-16 06:35

oh i see how it can be done....doh! never mind


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2005-08-19 06:15

Hi Just A Newbie

Can you tell us how you did it please?
It may be useful to others.

Just A Newbie

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2005-08-19 14:02

didn't actually do anything

just basically ppl can add 1 product to cart and update the quantities before sending the order.

Thats all I needed really.


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