Add Product Attributes to Products List


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2005-08-14 03:15

I want to add my product attributes to my product list as well as the product details page

I can't seem to get the attributes plugin to parse the products list

Any help appreciated!!


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2005-08-15 12:07

Thats because its not designed to do it that way.
As a general release plugin it is not feasible to have the attributes plugin place the attributes on the products list page because it has no idea how many attributes per product there are, or what size they are, and there is only limited space on the list without distorting it beyond recognition, especially when using the productsInRow plugin.
To get the attributes working on the products list page you would have to modify the core attributes plugin code, change some of the QC core functions, remove the 'add-to-cart' code that forces products with attributes to go to the details page, add a javascript checking routine to the products list, add attribute checking to the submittal routine from the products list page, change the products list template, and be very careful about your layout!
Is it worth it?

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