Paypal integration


Avatar: wetoded

2013-06-11 04:35

I know there are a bunch of topics on this already most are multiple years old and don't answer my question. To start the payments plugin is poorly written for explaining what exactly it does i already copied the code over exactly as its written everything shows up as it should from what the code states i also changed in the admin section the Paypal email address and for the payment to now state Paypal. it should work according to the page however it doesn't work. I know it doesn't work because nowhere in the code does it try and connect to the Paypal server. there is a part you add for the payment back page and error page which nowhere on the plugin age does it mention at all what its for and what to do about it. im going to assume that's the coding page to connect to Paypal if i have to code my own tell me and also put on the plugin page "this will not work out of the box".

any help/tips/links is appreciated i am using the free version 6.x I have some php knowledge etc.

» Quick.Cart v6.x


Avatar: boboo

2013-06-11 10:17

Did you already read the code of the "_order-payments.php"?
There is the connection to payPal server in this file.

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