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2005-08-10 08:49

Hi all

First i like this quickcart very much. I tested different system. But this is the simplest and very easy to handle. THX.

My clients are not happy, that they need to switch between catalog and basket. For instance the need to remember what the both or to click again away to the catalog or to the basket.

It would be nice if on the left hand menu upper the categories is the basket always showed (only the small info like product name and price and the end to show the total)

With this the client knows what he buyed and can observe catalog and basket at the same time.

Can somebody help? Or is there an plugin ?

Thanks Munot


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2005-08-10 22:51

Yepp... This would be a nice feature ;-)

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2005-08-11 11:16

monut - i dont know any plugin but i think you should use listBasket( ) function from core/orders.php to show basket like a box in menu left or right

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