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2005-08-02 03:02

Hi have Have put this shop into my website but I get this message now:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ccchosti/public_html/shop/index.php:8) in /home/ccchosti/public_html/shop/actions_client/orders.php on line 34

You can check it on
Here comes the error:

In rule 34 off orders.php stand this:
header( 'Location: '.$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'].'?p=ordersDelivery' );

anywone has a soulition?


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2005-08-02 10:25

You've INCLUDED Quick.Cart!
You can't do that without drastic modifications to the templates and some output buffering to get around redirects.
As it stands, you would be better off putting QC into an iframe within your surrounding site, then the redirects would not be a problem, the XHTML compliance would not be broken, and your whole site would stand a chance of being compliant!


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2005-08-02 15:08

A IFRAME does not work becouse I can no place links on my menu to for example catogories. So I must work with a normal Frame page.

I gif it a try


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2005-08-02 16:03

I found It to work white a IFRAME.

Add "frame name=nameoffframe" to the IFRAME Code

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