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2005-07-28 12:55

I just downloaded V.0.3.1 and add th.php to Lang file.

I found that one of our letter 'š' always show as 'ą' in the web,
I even had changed all and saved, but the web still show the difference.

I've never changed anything in th.php file.

Please advise who is your freind in Thailand. Thanks.

One more question, I've been trouble in Shell chmod777* changing,
I used Win XP, please advise. there is no such command 'chmod'.

treewood (OpenSolution)

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2005-07-28 13:43

if you used win xp you musn't give chmod to files



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2005-07-29 11:28

Thanks, treewood

I still met the language problem which describe above,
but you may not see in your computer.

However, please recommend the one who helped you for thai translation, or who meet the same problem.


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