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templateManager plugin for QuickCart 1.1en52006-02-14 22:35
how can i use sendOrderToClient in 1.1en32006-02-13 23:47
VAT in 1.0en22006-02-13 17:51
more than 1 product in lastProduct Pluginen52006-02-12 20:57
zapisywanie produktow/kategoriipl72006-02-11 21:46
Comment's in source codeen12006-02-08 15:54
Attribute Plugin for 1.0en132006-02-07 10:02
Tracking Numbers in Adminen32006-02-03 06:57
Updated Plugins for QCv1.1en62006-02-01 08:55
Sale Prices?en12006-01-29 10:27
Quick.Cart release with all plugins/plugin mgr installed?en12006-01-28 13:06
productsInRow v1.1en52006-01-27 06:33
Account - Trade Priceen52006-01-26 22:40
TaxDiscount Plugin in QC 1.0 ?en12006-01-17 20:18
:: Visitors Online Plugin ::en122006-01-17 18:15
Amount, size and so on...en22006-01-12 22:21
PHP PAYPAL PLUGINen92006-01-11 01:53
send order to clienten12005-12-30 00:05
How to modify basket to show product's short description ?en12005-12-27 17:47
Any script that like quick cart but use db?en12005-12-22 08:52
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