Our philosophy

Know which principles guide us during the process of designing Quick.Cart, Quick.Cms, Quick.Cart.Ext and Quick.Cms.Ext scripts. We clearly state our convictions and visions when it comes to designing our applications.

Not the number of options but readability and intuitiveness

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We've designed the scripts so that you won't be lost in a tangle of unnecessary options no one ever really uses. Our purpose is to give you a basic script to run an online shopping cart or a website. We are careful to realize only those of new ideas that are truly relevant.

Most plugins for paid editions are available to install using the plugin manager. It's arranged this way so you can install only the functionalities you need.

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To create scripts easy to install and modify

Our scripts are known among webmasters for their simplicity of modification achieved by easy to read directory structure, clear files and functions naming system. Our competition usually does just the opposite. Users often fall for amazing looks of a system in a browser. But later they're having a hard time finding someone to do some specific modifications in the code.

HTML 5, CSS 3, WAI, E_ALL standards

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This is just another proof, that we want to appeal to customers with quality of our code, and not the number of options. We don't know any scripts, apart from ours, to comply with all these standards.

Even the most logical PHP file structure turns out to be much more complicated than ours when it has 20 times more files than our solutions.

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Storing data in flat files

We believe it's a perfect solution for simple and not too large online shops and websites. If a shop handles 500 products, our script will connect to a database and download all products while in the same time another script will only manage to connect to a MySQL database. Quick.Cms v6.x uses SQLite, which is a middle ground between flat files and an SQL database such as MySQL. But we haven't given up on flat files entirely. Whenever speed matters, we still use them.

Performance chart

Best performance on small websites

You can be sure, that if on your website there are 500 products and heavy traffic, you won't have to move your shop to a dedicated server because your provider wants to cancel your agreement due to system overload. Some other popular scripts, such as Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop, OpenCart and mostly Magento need up to 20 times more server resources than our software to run with the same amount of products.

You don't believe it? Read the performance tests »

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Open Source

We do not monopolize modifications of our scripts. Some companies make it impossible for others to modify their code and they find all kinds of excuses for it. We always kept our source codes open, so you will find many companies and individual people » who can make a design or create additional options for you.

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