• Simple and easy to use
    or modify content management system (CMS).

    Check how fast you can create
    your online website using this software.

  • It's unmatched when it comes to speed
    it's famous for high quality and easy to read source code.

    See for yourself how it compares
    with other scripts

Why Quick.Cms?

It takes only 1 minute to install and set up!
The script comes with very good tech support,
it is standard-compliant, generates
great Google results and has many extensions.
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Take a look at the script's front and back end

  • Page details (Quick.Cms) Pages list (Quick.Cms) Back-end - Pages list (Quick.Cms)
  • Back-end - Page's editing (Quick.Cms) Back-end - Settings (Quick.Cms)

Minimum requirements

PHP 5.2 +, 2 MB disk space
and 5 free minutes to install!

Does not require:
MySQL, mod_rewrite/xml/zlib in Apache
or changing RAM settings!


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