New Quick.Cms and Quick.Cms.Ext v6.5!

Many of the new and interesting changes in Quick.Cms.Ext v6.5 we present here, are the result of our constant cooperation with webmasters! Take a look at what's new.

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Bug fixes more »      
Updates of external plugins: TinyMCE, CKEditor, Chosen      
New configuration variables more »
We've added a set of new configuration variables, which will allow you to better customize the system to your own needs. The variables are (most of them are only available in Quick.Cms.Ext and Quick.Cms.Ext+):
- $config['mark_extended_description']
- $config['display_homepage_name_title']
- $config['default_slider_pages_config']
- $config['default_pages_list_config']
- $config['default_pages_list_config_type_x']
- $config['default_pages_list_config_search_results']
- $config['widgets_functions_parameteres_content_type_2']
- $config['sorting_flag']

To find out how they work, go to the technical manual »
Select option for slider images more »
When adding and editing a slider, the form will have an additional option to select images from a server. The select list of images will be limited to image, that have already been assigned to previously added sliders. Useful when one image is used in more sliders.
Optimization of CSS classesmore »
Additional set of CSS classes for elements of subpage lists, menu levels, widget types, etc. They will allow to define site's layout and look in a CSS style sheet even more efficiently.
Characters handled by ICONV more »
The change2Latin function changes the letters characteristic for a given language into equivalents in the basic Latin alphabet, for example รค to a. It's used to generate URL addresses of subpages and change names of files added to a subpage. We've used the iconv function, which handles significantly wider range of characters. More info »
Parameters and logical values more »
Since this version, saving logical values such as true, false and null will be possible during setting of additional parameters.
Sliders on the list of files more »
Slider images will appear on the list of files on a server generated by the filesManagerExt plugin. Previously only file name were shown instead of an image.
Client-side link to edit a widget more »
An administrator will be able to go go to widget's editing on a website from the client-side. Sometimes browsing through a website's content we come across an error. With this modification fixing an error in widget's text or improving its configuration will be much faster.
Cloning a subpage from a list more »
In the clonePages plugin we've introduced the option to clone data of a selected subpage directly from the list of subpages in the panel. Before that it was only possible while editing the page, which data were to be copied.
Widgets in page description on the list more »
On the list of widgets there is the number of uses of non-standard widgets in subpage descriptions. Point to the number, you will see the list of subpages with the widget in their description.
Tips for predefined parameters more »
For each predefined parameter we've added the instruction for its use and what type of values you can enter.
Elements of subpages displayed in a widget more »
While editing a widget you will be able to set subpage elements to be displayed client-side. This option will be available for widgets displaying: list of subpages of a selected parent page, subpages in a slider, subpage details, random subpages, etc.
Optimization of SELECT lists more »
In some forms in the panel, there are several subpage select lists. For example, while editing a page, you need to choose: parent page, related pages, redirection to another page. When a website contains several thousand pages, the lists will be very long. This slows down loading of the forms. The improvement we've introduced makes the system work faster.
Edit email templates in the panel more »
We've introduced a user friendly editor for emails sent by the system. New order, new comment or user registration notifications will be available. There will be a mechanism which gets available parameters from language variable descriptions containing the email content. This way next to the template content you will see the list of all possible parameters.
List of subpages and settings for elements more »
An admin will be able to set, in the configuration file, subpage elements, which will be displayed on a given list type. We've also made it possible to individually define subpage elements while editing a parent page. You can choose from: page name, short description, image, date, price, add-to-cart button, event date and 'more' link. This solution makes customizing your website easier.
Display subpages in a slider more »
We've added the option to display subpages in a slider. Since the new version, an admin will be able to display subpages as a classic list, gallery, news and a slider (new!).
Redirections in tabs more »
In the sideTab plugin we've added the option to redirect to external addresses. You can set the redirection to a selected subpage or an external URL also in the widget's form. It will allow an admin to add several tabs.
Improvements on the list of bug-fixes more »
We've added the date of a fix to the list and the status option. An admin will be able to check the status field when a fix is implemented. It's useful, when the system is unable to automatically verify if a fix was implemented or not.
Automation of URL redirections more »
We've improved the seoOptions plugin and from now on each change of the URL of a subpage will be automatically registered on the list of redirections. It will prevent going to inactive links from Google search.
History of orders in the panel more »
The ordering plugin, since this version, will have the option to save to the database. It will be possible to browse through the history of orders in the administration panel.
Displaying widgets on selected pages more »
In the widgetsExt plugin we've added the option to display widgets on subpages of selected parent pages. It's a useful solution with parts of a website that need to be update often. For example the "blog" section and displaying widgets in all news.
Editors - extended access rights assignment more »
We've extended the admins plugin by making the access rights assignment for administrators/editors more precise.
Product form more »
The pagesProducts plugin will add two new options to subpage form: price and product (new!). Clicking the product option displays the subpage on the list of products in the panel.
Extended order form more »
In the ordering plugin we've added the option to enter subscription (newsletter) while placing an order. In the cart section there's a new button to continue shopping, which redirects to the details of the last subpage added to the cart.
Select list of predefined features more »
While editing a feature it'll be possible to set feature's values, which will show up on a select list in a subpage's form. This modification will make your work swifter and with less typos.
Additional information on the list of widgets more »
After installing the widgetsExt plugin, the list of widgets will be including additional information. Next to the name of localization, there will be the number of subpages, on which the widget will be displayed. When you point to the number, you will see names of the subpages, to which the widget was assigned. If you set the range of dates for displaying the widget, a calendar icon will also appear on the list. You will see the dates that have been entered if you point to the icon.
New plugin: notices in forms more »
Adding notices to be accepted by users while placing an order, registering to the website, writing a comment or sending an email to the administrator through the contact form. Useful to adding notices such as consent to process personal data for marketing purposes. More info »
New plugin: user's order history more »
Browsing through orders placed by a logged in client. This solution is useful, when a large portion of orders is placed by regular customers. After logging in, a user (customer) will be able to go to the list of his/her orders and check their content and status. More info »
New plugin: widgets and access rights more »
Setting rights to view, edit or remove selected widgets for individual groups of administrators, such as: developer only; developer and main administrator; all logged in to the panel. More info »
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