New Quick.Cms and Quick.Cms.Ext v6.3!

Many of the new and interesting changes in Quick.Cms.Ext v6.3 we present here, are the result of our constant cooperation with webmasters! Take a look at what's new.

Comparison of new implementations in each edition

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Bug fixes more »      
Updates of external plugins: phpliteadmin, TinyMCE and jQuery      
Marking files for deletion more »
We've made the system more intuitive by introducing an icon to mark files when they are about to be deleted.
Setting default image more »
When an image is added to a page, you can set a default image for list of subpages. In Quick.Cms.Ext we've also added the possibility to set a default image for widgets.
List of files in the panel adapted for higher resolutions more »
List of files displayed when a page is being edited adapts to higher screen resolutions. This improves the list's readability.
Screen gestures in sliders and image viewer more »
We've introduced the jQuery Mobile library in our system. This allows you to move to next or previous image in a slider or full sized images using screen gestures (swiping an image left or right).
Enable/disable option to display short description in place of the full description more »
If the selected page has a short description but doesn't have the full one, then after viewing page details, the short description is displayed in place of the full description. This functionality has been available in our system for years. Now we've created a configuration variable that allows to disable this option if it's not necessary.
ALT attribute for images more »
We've added a new field "Alternative description", which allows you to enter a description for the ALT attribute used with an image. It's an important improvement for web search engines.
ALT attribute for sliders more »
We've added a new field "Alternative description", which allows you to enter a description for the ALT attribute used with an image in a slider. It's another important improvement for web search engines.
3 thumbnail localizations more »
From this version on you will be able to set 3 thumbnail sizes for: page details, list of subpages and widgets. You will have more control over image presentation!
Advanced and simplified settings mode for adding images more »
It's now possible to switch between advanced and simplified mode for settings of images added to a page. In the advanced mode, the administrator is able to set more parameters for an image. In previous versions, when an image was being added, only the simplified mode was available.
Implementing Open Graph tags more »
We've developed functionality of the plugin that presents links to social servers by adding the option to generate Open Graph tags.
Tabs in widgets more »
Widget form grew enough, so that we've decided to organize it in tabs to make it more clear.
Inherited sliders more »
We've developed a mechanism, which takes a slider assigned to a parent page when its subpage is displayed. All you need to do is to choose the option "The same as for the parent page" in the "Slider".
Default thumbnail sizes more »
We've added two configuration variables that allow you to set default thumbnail sizes for list of subpages and for widgets.
Additional parameters - pages more »
When you edit a page, you can set 3 predefined parameters (as on the images below), to which a CSS class name can be assigned. That makes it easier for a webmaster to customize page's presentation in a menu, on a list or in details.
Additional parameters - widgets more »
An administrator editing a widget will be able to set "additional parameters", including number of displayed subpages, type of slider transition, CSS class name or menu depth. In previous versions it was only possible to do this by editing a configuration file.
Linking to an external URL from list of images more »
This new option in configuration will allow you to set a link for a selected image, so that when you clink on a thumbnail, instead of seeing the full sized image, you will be redirected to the entered URL address. For example you can use a manufacturer's logo to redirect to the company website.
Setting parameters for all images added to a page more »
We've expanded the filesGlobalSelect plugin by setting a chosen parameter for all images added to a page. A website's admin will be able to quickly set a different localization, thumbnail size or cropping for images attached to a selected page. See more »
New plugin: dates of publication more »
The website's administrator is able to set dates from and to which a subpage (news, event information, etc.) will be publicly accessible. This subpage will not be visible or available for website's visitors except for the specified date range. This solution is useful for time limited offers or for news that are supposed to be shown on a specific date. See more »
New plugin: display subpages as products more »
Functions that allow to present subpages as products, including ability to enter a price, additional subpage display type, a new tab in the panel. This plugin is useful to present subpages in a product catalog. See more »
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