We're busting myths about Quick.Cms and Quick.Cms.Ext

Just a few years ago one could state, that our CMS was dedicated for simple websites only. But for several years now it's been quite different!

WordPress has dozens of plugins, how about yours?

Our systems offer many functions required for creating any kind of website. It's rare that our system's capabilities are less than what a customer requires.

Have you ever checked the diversity of plugins for WordPress or Joomla!? For example there are a 1000 SEO mechanisms plugins. Of this pool you will choose 1 or 2 plugins, because most of them have the same capabilities. The plugins come from different authors - this is the only difference between them.

Our system is coherent and secure. The system and plugins were written by the same authors. Did you know, that the official WordPress website was hacked many times, this means the plugins could be hacked too?

List of security holes
List of security holes in WordPress an its plugins. Screenshot from the www.osvdb.org website
There's one more thing about plugins' security. [...] We install it, use it on several websites, track its development, etc. For example, everything looks fine for the first year, what lulls us into a false sense of security, we might even add its developer to the trusted list. And then suddenly at the next update the developer who's gained trust of users, with his plugin installed on a thousand websites, adds a backdoor - opinion from the dev.wpzlecenia.pl » website
SQLite logo

File database? It's obsolete!

Quick.Cms and Quick.Cms.Ext since version v6.0 run on an SQLite database instead of file database. SQLite combines benefits of an SQL and flat file database. SQLite is a very popular database system used in programs such as: Mozilla FireFox, Avast! or Adobe Air.

SQLite database offers good conditions for expanding a website without complicating the installation process. - review by Zbigniew Sztandera »

You can't build a large website on this system

Nonsense! Our system is more efficient » than other systems. Quick.Cms.Ext provides functions which are required in large websites including SEO mechanisms, widgets, access to admin panel for editors, logging in for users, newsletters, polls, event calendar, news, tags, search box, system of backups and many other.

A great proposition for those who offer not just small websites, but are looking for tools that are fast, stable, easy to modify and most of all safe. - review by Jarosław Migoń »

It's obvious that our CMS works great on simple implementations. Selected examples below show that large websites have run on our systems for years!

Source code

I need more functions

Are you sure? Examine the list of plugins », and if indeed you need more, then we have some good news for you.

Prospective cost of writing a module for our system is decidedly lower than for other systems. Our system is much easier to modify, which directly translates into costs of programmers' services »

They are characterized by intuitive management, clean code, and simplicity of modifications, which allows for fast and easy website building and makes them perfect for users - review by Tomasz Pawęzka »

Quick.Cms.Ext costs, and almost everything about WordPress is free

Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Plenty of WordPress plugins are free. However they offer few functions to encourage to buy paid versions. Many of the free plugins also have security holes known to hackers. Millions of websites on WordPress are a tasty bite for hackers.

Did you know that WordPress and Joomla! are released under virus GPL license »? This means that if you sell a website based on this system to a customer, he is then entitled to share your work with anyone and is not required to get your permission.

Why did I bet on Quick.Cms and not on, for example, trendy WordPress? Because I respect my clients, because I mind their websites' security, their speed and simple and intuitive maintenance. To put it in other words. More and more often customers come to my company who want to move their websites from WordPress to Quick.Cms.Ext? - review by Zbigniew Sztandera »

Buying our system you get a warranty! This means that in case of malfunction or errors, we'll do anything to fix the problem.

Many who used WordPress or Joomla, now use our systems. Why?

First of all the system is continuously developed by specialists, who care about security, new trends and technologies. Secondly the tech support - an important issue when modifications get complicated. Thirdly training meetings - we're up to date with novelties. And then there's great communication... At the moment I can't imagine working on systems other than OpenSolution products. - review by Robert Czyżkowski »
After many "battles" with Joomla and WordPress I finally found an easy to use and most of all secure system. - review from whichcmstochoose.com »
Before I decided to use this CMS I analyzed several of the most popular free CMS's and some paid ones. I review other CMS's I come across, but I still go back to buy more of these from OpenSolution. - review by Marek Kucia »
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