New freeware plugin - simpleNews v0.1 for QCMS v3.x


Avatar: Makaron

2011-05-13 16:13

Try to delete this line:

rsort$aPages );

From function listSimpleNews() in this plugin

I helped? Like it:


Avatar: tevart

2011-05-16 12:10

Yep..that works. Thanks


Avatar: MDoerr

2011-08-26 13:00

Strange behaviour of listSimpleNews() in Admin-Panel

The Plugin only shows the desired results, if "News" is the last Type on Pages-Adminpage.
If "News" is the 3rd (as in my case), it resets the order-String to 'id' and everything after "News" will by sorted by "id" (even if you select "position")

Here is the FIX for "core/pages-admin.php" (Sorry: source-Comments in german)

// BEGIN PLUGIN SimpleNews
// Mit diesen zwei Zeilen funktioniert aber die Sortierung nach Position
// im ADMIN Pages nicht mehr!
// if( $GLOBALS['config']['news_type'] == $iType )
// $_GET['sSort'] = 'id';
// Wenn News nicht der letzte Menütyp ist, dann muss ich mir die originale
// sSort merken und danach wieder zurücksetzen!
if( $GLOBALS['config']['news_type'] == $iType ) {
$TmpType = $_GET['sSort'];
$_GET['sSort'] = 'id';
} else {
if( isset($TmpType) ){
$_GET['sSort'] = $TmpType;
// END PLUGIN SimpleNews

BTW: Who sets the Sort-Order for

Michael from Germany


Avatar: mirage

2011-08-26 18:04

A jak dodać zdjęcie obok tytułu newsa?

Dodanie $aData[sImage] w kodzie:

<li class="l$aData[sStyle]">$aData[sImage]<h2><a href="$aData[sLinkName]">$aData[sName]</a></h2>$aData[sDescriptionShort]</li>

nie wystarcza.


Avatar: dcistudios

2015-05-15 16:22

where can i download this plugin. link is dead

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