Adding PayPal the simple way to QC v0.3.1


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2006-02-05 00:00

Okay here's what I've tried.

I went to plugins/taxanddiscount.php

and changed:
$options .= (isset($GLOBALS['config']['tax_includeInTotal']) && $GLOBALS['config']['tax_includeInTotal'] === false)?"false,":"true,";

to true:
$options .= (isset($GLOBALS['config']['tax_includeInTotal']) && $GLOBALS['config']['tax_includeInTotal'] === false)?"false,":"true,";

But when I did this it didn't include the tax in the total on the order page. And when I tried to send the order it encounters an error.


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2006-02-05 12:28

Chocolinx >>
Don't understand the changes above!

In actions_client/tax.php you only need to throw the order, eg

//--------- Add This PayPal Start
$aOrder throwOrder$iOrder );

$aOrder['fDelivery'] > ){
$content .= $tpl->tHtml'orders_payment.tpl' );
else {
$content .= $tpl->tHtml'orders_saved.tpl' );
//--------- Add This PayPal Finish
$content .= $tpl->tbHtml'operations.tpl''FORM_ERROR' );

In your orders_payment.tpl, use $aOrder[fSummary] in place of $fTotal, and $aOrder[fDelivery] in place of $fCourier.

(As a side note, tax amount is in the element $aOrder['fTax'] and discount amount is in the element $aOrder['fDiscount'])


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2006-07-31 15:55

Correct Chocollinx. I run into the same problem.

When the plugin TaxAndDiscount is enabled, the taxes are not being send to Paypal.

Only the shipping and price information (and order ID) is being sent

Now is it possible in Paypal to enable local taxes on the amount, but that's not working either.



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2006-11-15 05:57

my shppping cart is working fine. as below

i donot want to show paypal button, i want to redirect the page to PayPal after filling the information to Order Delivery Form & also want to save inforamtion to Database

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