Quick.Cart v1.0 rc1 - released!


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2005-11-29 19:35

mm didn't got a e-mail... ;-(

Dutch Support for Quick.Cart


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2005-11-29 21:44

Has the behaviour of image pop-ups in a Product changed?

I used to just click on image to close, but now (using firefox), it doesn't close. (not sure if the ability to navigate through all images in product was there before, it's good, but also good to have an easy way to close the pop-up)?

wewior (OpenSolution)

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2005-11-30 10:05

closing window when you click on popup image was just added and you can test it on it will be on rc2 package

wewior (OpenSolution)

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2005-11-30 10:27

rubdub << i checked popups on what avant and i think that avant browser has problem with js functions as window.resizeTo and window.moveTo, if someone knows how to fix that browser bug it will be very helpfull


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2005-11-30 16:09

RC1 bug in IE: page with contacts does not display the send-message forms on the right, also in your 1.0 RC1 demo ;-)

Opera displays them ok. In IE they're still in the html source, yet they are not displayed on the page. I'll keep researching this to see what can I do to make it functional in IE.


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2005-11-30 23:45

hm.... i bild catalog on RC1, and it is great :))) but i can`t attach no one plugin... when the plagins for 0.3.2 ported on 1.0 ??????

PS: sory for my english :)

wewior (OpenSolution)

Avatar: wewior

2005-12-01 09:06

Beholder << i think now it's fixed but we will test it and it will be in next package


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2005-12-01 10:09

Riff << When v1.0 is stable. Its currently still at release candidate stage and I don't want to confuse any problem reporting by adding in extra bits of code. I have started rewriting some of my plugins, but I am trying to make them as non-version dependent as possible - which is not easy! There is also the problem of finding the time to do the re-coding, and especially the testing.
I'm sorry if this causes any problems, but you have been warned that v1.0 is not yet suitable for production environments.


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2005-12-02 12:39

Different popup behavior

Product picture popup window does not scale to the size of the picture in Opera 8.51 the way it does in IE SP2. In your 1.0 demo/RC page.

Didn't try Mozilla/Firefox, I don't use it at all.


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2005-12-02 20:10

Dude, got to tell you that Quick Cart is really one of the best and simplest shopping solutions I've ever tried... Thanks alot! :)

BTW: some of you people(not saying that anyone in this topic) post bug-reports in a very negativ tone... Come on! He is working his ass off for us, give him some creds :)

- Neofix


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2005-12-03 02:46

FYI, this thread is not about "tone" or "credit" but about bugs, their factual descriptions and their fixes.


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2005-12-03 18:51

NOT a bug, but an enhancement request, I think?

Apologies if I should put this somewhere else.

It would be good if, when a product category is empty, the page could display the category long description and any category images, as well as the 'Products not found' message.

Why? If the shopper is curious about the product itself, but you're out of stock, you can show them what the product looks like and also maybe add a message in the description about when the product would be back in stock.


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2005-12-03 23:12


In some DB files (products.php, categories_ext.php, categories.php) I noticed certain entries which actually should not be there. These were the entries of previously deleted categories or deleted products. You cannot see these in the admin interface anymore, only in DB files.

I can only imagine what could happen if there are many categories/products and many would be deleted and then many added: the resulting files would be probably much bigger, than they need to.

Questions: how is it ensured that the deleted products are deleted from DBs? If they're not deleted on purpose, why then are they there?

Just FYI, I set the system up with 1.0b, then converted to 1.0RC1.


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2005-12-03 23:31

I just found out how the problem described in the previous post happens with categories:

1. Create a new basic category. Save it.
2. Click on edit button of the category in the category listing.
3. Select "Main category" for that category the category itself.
4. Save. Watch the category disappear from the category listing -- as if it was deleted.

My brother must have done this with one category, it was still to be found in the database. Now if I only can find the way how something like this can happen with products.


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2005-12-03 23:45

Got it with products, probably.

1. add a product to only one category.
2. delete that category.
3. watch the product disappear from listing in the admin interface. It is still in the database, though.

However, be careful, there might be some other ways, how these "unofficial DB entries" originate. Needs more investigation, I've done my part already. Have fun with bugfixing ;-)


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2005-12-04 03:42

Pop-up images not showing in full height window using Opera Version 8.51 / Build 7712

With Opera Version 9.0 / Build 8031, the pop-up window is totally collapsed.

Firefox 1.0.7 seems perfectly fine :)

IE (or IE wrappers) : Untested. IE has no place in my life :P

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2005-12-04 08:03

Here is database structure:

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