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2005-09-12 21:01

the option to assign a product to multiple categories is really precious!

i agree with robbo and Marton, additional fields and stock control are the most requested features. if it is not possible to add them in the default system we need the plugins!
unfortunately i'm not able to try...
i trust in the guys on the forum.

can't wait to get QC1.0!




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2005-09-17 10:40


Julia has written a handy tutorial on how to add new products to the admin (for a product cost field). It's exactly the same for adding into the productsList/productsMore pages, just add the same text into the template files for default templates.


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2005-09-19 01:09


QC is an easy system, I know. And it also have to be that in future.

The good thing about this system is that if you have a little experience with programming, you can easily change a lot of things to make them fit exact to your own shop.
The ones that can't help them selves are just begging.

As I do the stock now, I have to write a location in the headline of each product.
Otherwise the locations will be lost in the information about the order. The costumer can also see the locations, but this inst such a big problem. The biggest problem is the soldout problem, and the "how many are in stock" problem.

But as you said, then we just have to convert to "real" shops, to reach our target.

Any ways the quickcard is nice, as it are, and can only be better in the future.


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2005-09-19 20:48

Just one more idea.

As it are now it is possible to make sub menus.

The posibility to make sub-sub menus could also be reeeeaaally nice! makes it a lot more simple to put the products in groups!


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2005-10-06 19:09

Great stuff!!

Put in the new version this:

To shows in the plugin RandomProduct only products of one category selected by us!

It's a great think no??

Thnkx a lot!


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