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New plugins and skins for Quick.Cart, Quick.Cms

We've published new freeware plugins and skins for Quick.Cart and Quick.Cms.

Update your Quick.Cart.Ext or Quick.Cms.Ext for a promotional price!

We offer you a promotional price for Quick.Cart.Ext and Quick.Cms.Ext update. The promotion expires on 25.09.2013...

New Quick.Cart v6.2 and Quick.Cms v5.2!

We've released a stable version of Quick.Cart v6.2 and Quick.Cms v5.2. See what's new ...

New Quick.Cart v6.2-rc1 and Quick.Cms v5.2-rc1

We encourage you, to test Quick.Cart v6.2-rc1 and Quick.Cms v5.2-rc1. These are the first candidates for stable version...

New partnership offer

On August 1, 2013 we introduced new and improved offer for new OpenSolution partners.

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