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Do I have to inform about cookies?

Date: 2013-06-03

Who needs to inform about cookies

In our opinion almost all users of our scripts, both free and paid, who live in the EU, should prepare privacy policy or a message about cookies.

One exception from this rule are users, whose websites are based on a free Quick.Cms, have only one language version and no statistics (google analytics, simpleCounter plugin, etc.) or other scripts that use cookies have been installed.

Privacy policy and cookies information

Cookies information should include list of cookies your website uses and instructions how to disable them. We believe that information about cookies should be a part of privacy policy. If you're running an e-shop or your clients can subscribe for a newsletter or can register as users on your website, we recommend working out a privacy policy.

The privacy policy will let your clients know what they can do about their personal data they've given you. See our privacy policy ». Remember that your website most likely also stores other information and it is recommended to prepare privacy policy attuned to your website and your country's law.

Choose one of the following steps

1. If you want to prepare your own privacy policy or information about cookies and you're creating your own message containing a link to detailed information
For users of free and paid editions of Quick.Cms v5.1 and Quick.Cart v6.1 as well as more recent versions, we've prepared the simpleNotice plugin (simpleNoticeExt for paid edition's users) to display the message. In case of older versions you'll have to create this option yourself.
2. If you don't know how to create a pop-up message containing a link to detailed information
Have one of our partners » prepare the option for you or use our services - buy our programming customer » service option.

How to prepare the message

On the Internet you can find plenty privacy policy and cookies information templates. You can prepare this kind of message when you know what kind of cookies your website uses.

Learn about all cookies generated by Quick.Cart », Quick.Cart.Ext », Quick.Cms » or Quick.Cms.Ext » scripts.

Remember your website may use other cookies if statistics, like google analytics, or other options are also installed.

Any questions?

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