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Simple to use shopping cart Quick.Cart and content management system Quick.Cms

  1. Quick installation

    MySQL is not required.
    The scripts use flat files database.
    The scripts requirements are minimal.
    Installation takes less than 5 minutes!
  2. Free and open source

    The scripts are written in PHP,
    they are free and open source. PHP open source no MySQL
  3. Easy to use

    Very transparent interface.
    You won't get lost in unnecessary options.
    All it takes to add a product or an article
    is filling a few fields.

Easy modification

Only one CSS file needs to be modified
to change a website's layout.
Source code is clear and transparent.
The whole thing is only 1MB.

Fast, faster...

The scripts are incredibly fast.
Performance is much better than in most popular scripts.
See script performance »

Simple to use, fast and easy to modify shopping cart for you.
Your clients will be able to order easier than ever!

Easy to modify and to use content management system.
CMS is incredibly fast and easy to install.

  • Simplicity


    Installation and use is piece of cake
  • Speed


    Much faster than other popular scripts
  • SEO


    Great results with Google search engine
  • Standards


    XHTML 1.1, CSS, WAI and UTF-8 compliant
  • Expandability


    Free skins (templates) and plugins (addons)
  • Free tech support

    Free tech support

    Available via forums and mail


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